Purchasing Technology

Are you receiving the most out of your GPO?  How do you know if you are utilizing all of the products available to you?  PAC Purchasing Alliance can continually show you the value we bring through our proprietary purchasing and auditing technology.

Reporting Tools

PAC Purchasing Alliance’s Buyers Edge software provides facilities around-the-clock access to detailed purchasing information.  Real-time data is available via 24/7 access to our web dashboard which provides key purchasing information in one central location.  Our Post-Acute Care purchasing customers enjoy easy access to contracts and rebates, year-to-date spend, year-to-date savings, price range reports which show your distributor’s pricing for the same product across the country, top 25 and 100 spend items, price variances and more.  Our Buyers Edge data allows our member facilities to purchase smarter, stay informed, budget more effectively and take advantage of savings opportunities.

Price Auditing Software

Our Auditing Partner, Buyers Edge allows post-acute care facilities to electronically audit invoices in real time.  Pricing errors are identified by comparing invoice prices to pricing agreements, contract costs, purchase order prices, fixed prices, and/or bid prices.  Credits and price corrections are quickly resolved through digital reports to distributors.  Overcharges are verified with distributors and then credited back to the facility.