Whether you are looking for a program to save on your food cost, improve your menu planning, access the number one produce management company in the U.S., save money on medical supplies, achieve energy savings, take advantage of auditing services, or save money on cleaning supplies, PAC Purchasing has more than 300 contracts to save you money without sacrificing quality or service.  Our pricing gets us in the door, but our service and program depth is what keeps us at the table.

Our Programs


Whether you are looking to enhance your current program or upgrading to a full contract savings system, PAC Purchasing can help.

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Facilities + Maintenance

PAC Purchasing Alliance can save you and your locations on many of the items you use every day.

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Added Value Programs

Added Value programs save our members money on all non-food/non-facilities expenses.

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Purchasing Technology

Are you receiving the most from your GPO? How do you know if you are utilizing all the available products?

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