Facilities + Maintenance

Credit Card Processing

Today, credit cards are a necessary evil.  The cost of processing these credit cards is expensive.  But PAC Purchasing Alliance has found a better way by partnering with FattMerchant.  By eliminating all of the hidden fees of their competitors, FattMerchant can save you up to 40% on your credit processing.  You keep more of your money with each credit card swipe.

Energy Savings & LED Lighting

One of your most expensive commodities is energy.  PAC Purchasing Alliance has found a way to help cut your energy demands and save you an average of 50-90% off your electric power usage.  Our partnership with EnviroTron is the key.

Telephone Services

With 18-25% off, PAC Purchasing Alliance can save you on both your land line telephone service and your cellular service.  But that is not all as this program is also extendable to your employees.  We have contracts with major carriers:  Verizon and Sprint designed to save you significantly.


Let’s face it, everything breaks at some point or another.  That is why PAC Purchasing Alliance partners with Grainger.  And with a complete catalog containing everything from mechanical equipment, plumbing supplies, and hvac supplies to personal protection equipment, Grainger is a one stop shop.  But you can save even more by using PAC Purchasing Alliance’s money saving contract.


Whether you purchase linen or outsource it, PAC Purchasing Alliance has a money savings program for you.

Our contracted partner, Ameripride Linen & Uniform Services, is our national provider for linen.   With 115 locations all across the United States and Canada, check with us to see where the nearest location to you may be.  Our aggressive program is designed to save you money.